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Who we are

It kind of looks like we are all about comedy. While just about everything we have done so far has involded comedy, we plan to push farther and help even more business grow.

Celebrating twelve years

The festival is quickly becoming one of the best and biggest comedy festivals in the nation. The event helps comics obtain more contacts and get more gigs by creating a setting where both comedians and decision makers mingle throughout the events. The festival provides a weeklong job fair for comedians and club management, it’s not surprising that the prizes for the winners of The Main Event are employment. 

If it can be judged, we can score it!

This site was created 100% out of need. As with any contest, there are votes to be counted; both judge votes and audience votes. Over a year’s worth of work has gone into building the site and we are very proud that can now be used by anyone who needs to vote on anything! 

Join the premier directory for comedians

This website was designed to help comics be seen and get work. Comics can host their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and Comedy Clubs and Comedy festivals can get all the info the need about the comics in one place. Comedy Clubs and Comedy Festivals will also be able to set up EPK’s for them to use and for comics to search.

Who needs two?

This website was created to sell tickets for The World Series of Comedy festival. We know there are many oprions out there to sell tickets we felt we would like ot have more control over the ticket buying experence. We hope to someday have a better ticketing option for all Comedy Festivals and Coemdy Clubs

No more paying for printing, paying for pens.

No more paying for someone to try and read the person’s email address and no more waiting to contact them until their information is entered into your computer. You will get feedback instantly and you can send offers immediately. As soon as your customer submits their comment card, you will have their information and they will have an email from you inviting them back.

The new home for Electronic Press Kits

We have not strated building the website yet but our goal will be to not only host the comics, comedy clubs and comedy festivals EPK’s on the Comic List but to also list them here along with every other kind of festival, Bands, any one who has on needs an EPK can build and list it here.

Do you want to be a part of World Series Productions? Tell us how.